Cosmetic treatments at park chambers

A beautiful smile helps self-confidence

Are you unhappy with your smile? Are your teeth discoloured or uneven? Are there teeth missing that stop you from smiling? Not everyone wants to look like a “Hollywood star” with teeth that are whiter than white, but most people would appreciate an improvement in their smile.

Cosmetic dentistry can help in a number of ways; this can range from simply reshaping a tooth to a complete smile makeover.

Teeth whitening is an excellent method of lightening the overall colour of teeth and can be carried out at home using our home bleaching kit.

The edges of chipped teeth can be easily smoothed to make them more even. This is most suitable for teeth that are too long or to remove small chips.

Teeth that have more damage or are too short can be suitable for bonding tooth coloured filling material to restore the correct shape.

Veneers can be used to cover the front surface of a tooth and are bonded in place. They can be used to alter the overall shape and to some extent the position and colour of a tooth.

If a tooth is badly broken, a crown can be the best solution as it will improve the appearance and strengthen the tooth.

Crowded or misplaced teeth can be straightened using braces. Traditionally this is thought to apply only to teenagers, but there is no age limit to this kind of treatment and lots of adults now choose one of the “invisible” braces options available.

Missing teeth can be replaced using either a partial denture, a bridge or by dental implants.

New patients please contact the practice and speak to one of our team members for more information about our services and to book your initial new patient dental health check.

Teeth before cosmetic work Teeth after cosmetic work